Block ads, trackers and malicious websites on all your devices.
Get in-depth analytics about your Internet traffic.
Protect your privacy and bypass censorship.
Shield your kids from adult content.
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Block ads, trackers, malware and phishing websites, cryptominers and more.
More than a hundred popular and trusted blocklists to choose from — all updated in real-time.
Localized blocklists to block ads, trackers and malicious websites in your country.
Unlimited blacklisting and whitelisting of custom domains.
Zero impact on your CPU, memory or battery life — it's all done at the DNS level, not on your device.
See what's happening on your devices with in-depth Analytics and real-time Logs.
Measure the efficiency of your blocking strategy.
Tracker insights — see who is tracking you, how much of your web traffic they are tracking, and more.
See which countries your traffic goes to.
Decide how long logs are kept, from one hour up to one year — or disable logging completely for a no-logs experience.
Lightweight apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Chrome OS.
Enjoy the privacy and security benefits of DNS-over-HTTPS — the modern and encrypted DNS protocol — on all your devices.
Always-on on all networks automatically — at home, at work, on cellular and on public Wi-Fi.
Automatically bypass network filtering and government censorship.
Latency-based routing — automatically uses the DNS server with the lowest latency.
Protect your kids and control what they can access online.
Block websites containing porn, violence, profanity and more.
Enforce Safe Search on search engines, YouTube and other content platforms.
Block specific websites and games — Facebook, Tinder, Fortnite and many more.
Allow access to websites and games during specific time slots.
More features
Unlimited Configurations
Create as many different configurations as you want on your account — each with their own settings and blocklists.
Hardened Privacy
Only use DNS servers located in jurisdictions with strong privacy laws — Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, Panama and Hong Kong.
Customizable Block Pages
Customize the page that shows up when a domain is being blocked.
DNS Rebinding Protection
Prevent attackers from taking control of your local devices through the Internet.
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Automatically validate the authenticity of DNS answers.
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Try the experimental decentralized root DNS.
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What Experts Say
“I'm really impressed and I think it's something people should pay attention to. [...] I've put it on at home and on my phones and so far it works and it works imperceptibly and it absolutely will speed up your surfing.“
Chief TWiT and The Tech Guy
“NextDNS allows you to control and monitor your DNS queries. Think Pi-hole on the cloud. I'm impressed by the high quality of their work. I found it specially useful to learn of what services my phone talks to without me realizing.“
Engineering Lead at Google's Jigsaw
“Began tinkering with NextDNS for my home network and phone.. basically cloud hosted Pi-Hole. Lets you block various known ad/malware/phishing domains [...] and more.. and there’s a mobile VPN app to use on LTE.“
Designer at Twitter
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